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Adlul’s consultancy focuses on two key areas: 
➥ performance, and ➥ wellbeing.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, Adlul thrives in helping his clients achieve good health, and become the best version of themselves through evidence-based tools and therapeutic techniques.

Services Overview

All tools and interventions used in the porgrams are 100% evidence-based. Adlul only uses the tools that have been empirically tested to be safe and effective for clients.

Understanding the client's situation and goals are the main priority of the programs.


Programs are 100% goal-oriented and results dfriven, and goals are determined upon comprehensive assessment of the situation in partnership with the client.

Adlul's programs are 100% custom-made to fit the needs and requirements of clients.


One-on-One Consultancy

Fully confidential and customized individual consultancy is offered to each client.


Group Workshop

Customized workshops are designed to fit the specific age groups, sports, and requirements of clients.


Tournament Support

Adlul travels with his clients/teams when needed in order to provide support during competitions.


Online Consultancy

One-on-one consultancy services are provided over the internet and telephone for distant clients.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Adlul uses an inter-disciplinary approach in his practice utilizing a wide range of theories and tools from different branches of knowledge including:
✔ Exercise physiology
✔ Biomechanics
✔ Sports Nutrition
✔ Neuoropsychology
✔ Clinical Psychology
✔ Developmental Psychology
✔ Social Psychology
✔ Educational Psychology
✔ Positive Psychology 

Therapeutic Approach

Adlul's therapeutic approach is a combination of ✔psychodynamic, ✔humanastic, and ✔behavioiural approach to counselling.


✔Intake assessment form
✔In-person meeting
Apart from initial pre-consultation assessment form, and in-person meetings, Adlul also observes his clients during training and competitions.  

Intervention Techniques

✔Goal-setting Programs
✔Self-talk Therapy
✔Breathing Exercises
✔Relaxation Exercises
✔Cognitive Behavioiral Therapy
✔Rational Emotive Therapy
✔Mindfulness-based Therapy
✔Arousal Regulation 

Is the Service right for you?

Whether you are an aspiring young athlete dreaming of a professional career, a concerned parent unsure of how to assist in your child's athletic endeavours, or a manager struggling with your team's chemistry, you could certainly gain from working with a Mental Performance Consultant. However, mental strenght training is not just for high performance athletes. If you are an amateur athlete trying to improve your performance or participation experience, or someone who simply wishes to become more physically active, improve your health and overall quality of life, there are many mental skills techniques and strategies to help you. However, mental training is not just for athletes or exercisers, mental skills and strategies are also applicable and beneficial in other walks of life, such as education, employment, and health.

Who would benefit from services of a Health and Performance Psychology Expert?

Sport Psychology

Professional or semi-professional athletes rely on their athletic activities to earn a living and faces many challanges in their professional lives, such as, high pressure games, contract related issues, performance anxiety, injury, etc. A sport psychology practitioner can help them cope and overcome such challanges, teach them skills that will help them become more confident, improve their performance, and overall quality of life. 

Whether you are a high-flying high school basketball player dreaming of being drafted by an NBA team, a peewee hockey player trying to become the next Sydney Crosby, or a 10 year old soccer player that wants to be the next Messi, life of a young athlete can be full of challanges and obstacles. Young athletes have much to gain from learning those mental skills early into their lives that will help them plan their career better and increase the prospect of a bright future as a professional athlete and as an individual.

Student athletes are those who are active participants of individual or team sports while enrolled in an academic institute at various levels (e.g. schools, colleges, and universities), and often represent their institute at various competitions. Student athletes often rely on their athletic performance and activities to secure and maintain a scholarship that would cover (partially or full) the cost of their education. Life of a student athlete can be filled with many stressors, such as, struggling to balance their life between athletic and academic commitments, pressusre to perform both in the class room and on the field, and certainly can benefit from working with a sport psychology expert and learning some mental skills.

While professional and student athletes make up a significant portion of the client base for a sport psychologist, mental training is not intended only for such individuals. The big myth about sport psychology that it is a service only intended for professional athletes is entirely false. There are lots of people out there who may not make a living directly from sports but are of very competitive nature and takes their sporting activities very seriously. If you are one of them you can certainly take advantage of working with a sport psychologists and learning about mental skills training.

Coaches and managers are the main craftsmen who turn raw talents into star athletes. They play an extremely critical role in developing athletes in Canada and all over the world, Life of a coach, manager, or an administrator in sport is often very difficult as they are the ones who have to help and guide athletes in overcoming many everyday challanges. These individuals can gain a lot from working with a sport psychology expert who can help them to learn how to manage their athletes better and cope with their own challanges.

While coaches and managers play an integral role in the athletic systym, it is parents make the most sacrifices and plays the most critical role in the career and life of a youth athlete. Adlul has great admiration for parents who make trenedeous sacrifices for the future of their children. Adlul provides various types of services to parents that helps them raise and support their children better and cope with their own struggles related to sports parenting.


Exercise Psychology

Not everyone wants to put their skills to test in a competitive setting, they don't care about winning or losing, they are more than happy to be just be in the game rather than to win it. And that's perfectly fine, because playing team or individual sports are a great way to stay in shape, prevent many chronic illnesses, maximize productivity, and make friends. Adlul helps such non-competitive sports enthusiasts in various ways, such as, helping them find the most suitable sport that would maximize their health benefits, and strategies to enhance their participation enjoyment.

Then there are people who does not want to play any sport at all, they think being active is fun in and of itself. And they are right, because it absolutely is! But a big part of being physically active is very psychological. Adlul helps such clients maximize their gain from physical activities through assisting them with their motivation levels, finding the right exercise programs, behavioural strategies, and other related issues.

Then there are people out there who just want to become more active and does not know where to begin for whatever reasons. That's okay too! It's never too late, and this means NEVER, too  late to start or go back to being active no matter how long you have remained inactive for! Adlul has helped many clients with such profile restore faith in their abilities and helped them feel encouraged and confident enough to become more active.


Life, Health, & Career

Life in the 21st century is difficult and it's so hard to stay motivated with some much competition and pressure to go around. Adlul provides  comprehensive career counselling services to job seekers who are at different stages of their careers including job search, resume/cover letter writing, interview techniques, as well as, career planning. There are many mental skills techniques, exercises, and strategies that can help one achieve his or her dream career. 

Wehther you want to start your own business, or find a meaningful career in a specific industry, you must not overlook the psychological components of it. Mastering the mental tactics and strategies can help you remain focused and keep you in the right trajectory as you work towards achieving your dream.

You may be someone thinking about a career change, or you may be feeling out of sorts even with a dream career, but one thing is for sure - you don't ever have to be alone. Adlul has helped many clients by heping them understand various aspects of their own lives and taking the right direction and initiatives to feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.


Areas of work

Sport Psychology

  • MENTAL-TOUGHNESS - Help athletes teach various mental skills and strategies to become more metnally tough.
  • PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION - Help athletes reach their maximum potnetial. 
  • MOTIVATION - help athletes with their motivation level to work harder at practice and give their 100% in competition.
  • CONFIDENCE - help athletes build confidence, or regain confidence after a bad injury or poor performance, and maintain confidence and perform better if they are already doing well.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT - teaching athletes how to manage stress and cope with pressure under difficult circumstances, such as a big tournament or high-pressure games.
  • CONCENTRATION - teaching athletes how to concentrate better, focus on relevant tasks and minimize distractions.
  • INJURY REHABILITATION - help athletes with their psychological, social, and emotional recovery from severe injuries.
  • CAREER-COUNSELLING - comprehensive career counselling to athletes helping them with planning of career goals, strategies to reach those goals, or any other career-related concerns.

Eercise Psychology

  • EXERCISE MOTIVATION - help clients improve and maintain motivation to stay active and maintain a healthy life through mental skills, and behavioural techniques.
  • WEIGHTLOSS & FITNESS - Adlul assists clients achieve their desired fitness level and weightloss through various mental training programs such as goal-setting, and behaviour modification.
  • ACTIVE LIVING - Adlul helps clients become more physicaly active through a comprehensive program that includes understanding issues related to exercise and mobility barriers, analyzing the client's personality, interests, and financial circumstances.
  • DISEASE PREVENTION - Exercise and physical activities are often the most effective treatment in prevention and controlling of many chronic illnesses. Adlul has worked with many clients within the domain of exercise psychology and prescribed effective exercise programs to control and prevent various chronic illnesses, such as, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Life, Health, and Career

  • ENHANCING QUALITY OF LIFE - While being fit and active plays a critical role in being healthy, happiness is more than just being medically sound or physiologically fit. True happiness comes comes from accepting who we are and embracing our imperfection, and knowing how to take a step back and appreciate everything life has to offer. Adlul looks at various aspects of his clients' lives in order to help them achieve true happiness.
  • CAREER COUNSELLING - Adlul provides comprehensive career counselling services to individuals and groups who are at different levels in their career. Adlul provices assistance in many areas including job search, resume/cover letter writing, as well as, career planning.
  • ACADEMIC COUNSELLING - Adlul also provices academic counselling to students of various levels. He has previously worked with many student athletes and helped them choose and pursue suitable and desirable career paths.
  • MENTAL HEALTH - Adlul has assisted many clients and worked in many key areas related to mental health including stress, anxiety, various forms of phobia, and behavioural disorders. Although Adlul does not provide any direct intervention or treatment to individuals diagnosed with severe mental or behavioural ilnesses, he uses various mental skills training and preventive exercises that helps his client minimize the rirks of, or, control various mental illnesses.

Feel free to contact with your questions!

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"Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words."
― Alfred Adler

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Adlul Kamal, M.Sc. - Sport and Exercise Psychology